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Our Services

DíPlatinum uses its Dynamic Practical experience and knowledge in offering its Luxury, Aesthetic, Timeless, INnovative and Unique design to our customers for their Modern lifestyle nowadays.
We guarantee that we use 100% plywood as our main material.
We offer you guaranteed products made with high quality material and competitive price.
These are steps we generally conduct when customers call us for the first time:

  1. Free survey at location
    We will come to your requested location for the necessary of discussion regarding the expectation and wishes from customers about their room design, and we measure the location for the accurate design and quotation price offered, without any hidden fee or obligation to pay.
  2. 3D Virtual design
    After the visit and measurement, we design and resulted in 3d Virtual which customers can see virtually the design which is applicable to their room.
  3. Showroom
    Customers can visit our showrooms to see our sample products and design. Meanwhile, in showrooms customers can also do selection of fabric or materials to be applied on their design in. Our representative sales staff there will serve you and answer your query regarding our product and service.
  4. Term of payment
    When it comes an agreement between us and the customers regarding the design and quoted price, customers will pay on the term of payment as follows:
    1. 1st Down Payment : 50% of total invoice
      When the First DP is made, it is considered as the first working day of the promised completed working period of the project.
    2. 2nd Down Payment : 30% of total invoice
      This second down payment is made when the furniture had arrived in the project location and ready to be assembled. After the payment we immediately assembly all the furniture.
    3. 3rd Down Payment : 20 % of total invoice
      This third down payment is made after all the project is completed.
    However, we can also adjust to your financial condition with some considerations.
  5. Guaranteed product
    We have guarantee for our furniture product which last for one year which it starts from the date of the project is completed.